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    phpnuke site taking down the server

    I'm rather confused.

    Here's the basic info:

    Server - Dual Xeon 2.4GhZ
    2GB RAM
    RHEL 3

    The site is a phpnuke site with over 7000 members on a shared server. The server load maintains under 1.0 when this site is not active. When we bring the account online and users start going to it again - the load rises quickly to unmanagable levels.

    I've optimized the hell out of apache and MySQL. We barely use 50% of the RAM at any time.

    What else can I do? I don't think a site like this should be taking down the server...


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    Did you optimize the phpnuke? Phpnuke does get heavy at times, i have had experence with it... but i do say it could be something wrong...

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    Do you use the MySQL query cache? It does wonders for nuke sites!

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    Also using either Cache_Lite or Turck mmCache for php might improve your performance intensly.

    The thing with all the pre-made CMS systems is that they actually load semi-static pages as dynamic on every single visit.
    Eg, a news page will generally only be update once every week/month, but php-nuke constructs it from database on every single visit.

    Its a silly system... A truly optimized CMS should not fetch semi-static pages from a dynamic database. Its just horrible for the load if you webpage gets a lot of visitors... :/
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    yes - I'm looking into mmCache now.

    as for MySQL query cache, and optimizing nuke - nope.

    I'll look into those as well. Thank you

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    Also, take a look @ the mods you have installed in nuke, if this is your own site. Php-Nuke mods are commonly written very poorly, and not optimized for best performance (ie: mysql, etc) so choose your own very wisely.

    In the end, it's always best going with your own setup. Admittedly, it takes a bit (ok, sometimes a lot) longer to develop and design but it's always best, because then you know what's going on with your own system and how to best set it up
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    Looks like mmCache won't work as this is a php_suexec setup.

    What would work when php is running as cgi?

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