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    E-commerce from family PC

    I just got a computer(p4 3.0g, 1GB mem, 200GB storage) and I have cable internet, do you guys think its a good idea to host an e-commerce site from my home pc (The e-commerce site this just a simple site with several pages).

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    No, it's not a good idea. Does your ISP allow you to run a web server. If you want to run a business, why don't you just pay the 4-5 bucks/month to get professional web hosting off a server that's built for hosting websites on a connection that's dedicated to servers.

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    The question is are you able to secure the server?
    As you'll be running e-commerce through it, are you going to notify your clients that their visa/mastercard details are being run through a system that may lack a sysadmin?

    Spend a few bucks, save yourself a lot of headaches.
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    You already posted about this: and most everyone recommended against it. Especially since it is ecommerce, you shouldn't do it. There would be so many security vulnerabilites. I am assuming that you are using a simple Windows XP box, and that is not built for hosting websites. Even if it was a Linux box, there are still many security implications that you need to take care of. Just get a cheap web hosting account for $5-10 a month, and you'll be a lot better off.
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    If you are thinking of running an e-commerce site i consider that you are thiking about making some profits out of it, will something between $2 and $10 justify that you run a personal webserver with lots of security failures?

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    Honestly it is a nightmare. I have had a few clients that tried it and they hated it. Host with a reputablehosting company and even try to get a dedicated IP so you can also get an SSL Cert.

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    Yeah, this days you can find reliabale hosting for pretty cheap prices.. you just have to do a little bit of searching.. Good luck davegaon!
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    No, it is not a good idea at all.

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    I don't know why people would ever choose to host on their home PC except as a hobby but I would never do it for anything mission critical or hosting any financial information.
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    it is practically achievable but difficult to maintain .

    some factors :

    1. Speed
    2. Security

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    I can speak from personal experience. It is not fun trying to maintain a server out of your house. There are too many things to keep track off when you can have a hosting company do it for you.

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    Also if you are running of your home computer, your computer will be slow so you cant run all your normal programs and do what you would normaly do on a computer. So if you where wanting to render this computer 'useless' why not get it colocated in a datacenter near by?

    Failing that why not just use a webhost? It would save you the hassle of securing it and also if the server goes down, then its not your fault and you have someone that will get it back online!

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    Look what everyone is saying is pretty valid. You should not keep your computer running for whole day with a dynamic IP for your shop. Your business is more valuable than $5. If your site is down, your reputation is down.

    So, get 2 hours of the week. Search for your requirement on Google. Comeback to WHT search for your selected hosting companise for reviews, select the last few one's mail their sales people see the response. Have a go. Good luck! | Connectivity. Stability. Reliability.
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