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    Please tell me what you think


    I need your advice!
    Please tell me what do yout think about my site:

    Thank you
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    It's nice. Doesn't fit my resolution very well (1280x800), and I think thats why the adwords looks too jumbled with the main site.

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    Thank you so much!
    I got scared now!

    What do you mean jumbled? I changed the resolution and didn't notice that.

    Please tell me what can I do about that and what is the resolution that most of the people have?
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    It looks very good! However, on some pages the Google Ads look out of place like -
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    Thank you! I removed them.
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    It is little overloaded for my taste. Generally good job.

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    Thank you.
    So, I should "clean it up" ?
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    Rather unique idea. I would "clean it up a little" and center it.

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    Thank you, please just tell me are you talking about cleaning up Home Page or all of them?
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    I agree with Handy. Disrupting traditional file hosting.
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    I agree with Handy also. I would clean it up, center it, put some vertical lines or css borders to separate text, maybe even change the link colors from blue to another color...maybe brown, take out the underline, make it no text decoration...oh and one more thing...make the page shorter by adding navigation drop down menus.

    just some thoughts.

    good luck.


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