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    Quick Question

    When I have a message posted on this site, it shows the date as 12/31/1969

    I was wondering what could I have done wrong for this date to show up?


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    The problem is on the server your website is being hosted on. It needs to be corrected. Since your form posts using server side code (PHP) it generates a date stamp represented by the hosting server, where your website currently is located. Get in contact with your hosting provider and see if the administrator can look at the date/time settings.

    Let me know if this helps at all.

    Thank you!

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    I don't think thats it. I have another form set up on another page and it stamps the right date, 6/12/2005

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    It is not generating the timestamp correctly.

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    I did work for this guy and he never paid. Should stay away from him.

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    The timestamp is invalid (the obvious problem, it seems).

    Try looking in the code where the timestamp is being generated.

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