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    Starting a free web/image host.

    Hi everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    So, my thoughts are as follows:

    I think I'd like to set up a small free image and web host, giving the users the option of upgrading to a paid account.

    I'd like thoughts on the following:

    1.) Users can upload an image for free with no account, ala imageshack. However, I'm thinking that I can "brand" all images served from my server from an unpaid account. This could probably be accomplished by resizing the image by a very small percentage, and adding my tagline to the image - similar to what AdWords does to a banner image. The downside to this, I assume, is CPU usage, but that shouldn't be an issue if I do the branding at the time of the upload, and then just serve the image.

    2.) Users who want free webhosting sign up, but all pages served will have my AdSense code embeded at the top of the page. Basically, the users will create "content", and AdSense does the rest.

    2a.) I've been unsucessful at finding the modifications I need to do the above. I'm running FreeBSD, Apache. Can someone point me to this?

    Now, unfortunately I'm not yet good enough at PHP to write these entire systems myself, so I have to rely on a "cookie cutter" script at first to do what I want. / Detailed / 48754.html

    is the first script I've come across that appears to do what I want, but their site is down and therefore I'm unable to demo it. Also, I'd like to offer FTP access to my free users.

    I have to comment that reading through the forums is a huge roller coaster ride. Especially the ones where everyone is discussing business plans and stating "yes, there's money in it" and someone else saying the opposite. I look forward to at least trying.

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    Wow, just accidentally came across an apache extension: mod_layout.

    Now, to just figure out how to get it to work with Plesk and virtual hosts.

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    Could you email me more details as to what exactly your plan is and how you plan to execute it? Please. I have a few ideas that might help you along.

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