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We Now do Rvskin Blue, IN French, Spanish and English.
WHM X Theme & Cpanel X theme In French, Spanish and English Coming Soon.

We have been busy working with our team to push ahead some of our projects and we are delighted to say that we have had our most successful two weeks on record both in sales and also in development.

Just Some of the tutorials sets we currently offer:
Cpanel X theme
Cpanel RVskin - Blue
Cpanel XP 2004
WHM X Theme
Direct Admin - Classic Theme
PerlDesk **NEW**
Flash MX ** NEW**
Fantastico Standard
Fantastico RVskin Blue **NEW** /

Host Relation Scheme
We have been working with some hosting companies outside of our group for sometime offering group discount on purchases we are now offering 4 openings in this range and you can see details about this very valuable scheme in our Forums.
What’s more we’ve even reduced the registration fee from $150 to $35.00 and for that you get a free set of tutorials for every 10 you sell, and you also get a 10% reduction on our asking price.
The 4 new hosts accepted in to the scheme the only condition we ask is that you can sell 5 – 10+ sets of tutorials within 4-5 weeks, maybe offering them to your clients maybe as a reduced fee (5% discount on our fee) 5% in your pocket?, maybe you’d like to offer the full 10% discount who know the choice is yours.
View Details Here: http://forum.democentre.com/index.p...amp;f=2&t=7
Signup Here: http://www.democentre.com/Store/pro...?products_id=58

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