First, what you get:
1 static link on each of the almost 90K pages on the 8 sites, chosen in random from a list of upto 100 anchors that you supply. Your links can be for upto 3 different domains.

How to get it:
Only 4 links being offered in this deal. Bidding starts at $10 and bidding increment is $2. You are bidding on the monthly rate you will pay. The top 4 bids will be selected but they all will pay the lowest of these 4 bids. That is, 3 of the winners will actually pay less than they bid. Furthermore, the highest bidder will get an additional 10% off

When does bidding end:
Sometime next week depending on the response.

How to pay:
You pay by paypal subscription.

Details on the sites:

PR5 :
16,700 pages in Google

PR4 :
10,100 pages in Google

PR4 :
10,200 pages in Google

PR4 :
16,000 pages in Google

PR4 :
7,530 pages in Google

PR4 :
22,800 pages in Google

PR4 :
3,810 pages in Google

PR3 :
2,200 pages in Google

Total pages: 89,340 pages

PS: The number of pages listed are from this morning and are likely to change. Only the domain name (without www) was used in the site command.

This was first posted in digitalpoint at . Next bid should be at least $47. Bidding ends on Thursday.