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    template needed. 100 USD

    i need a template for a chinese customer.
    his company name is
    China Export Warehouses

    his logo is: now we need to make a template for it.

    what my customer want is a template that will have in it a small airplane. that is flying to the globe. this airplane is pulling a container.

    part of the scontainer er has removed. so you can see all the cartons boxes in the container. at least 15+ carton boxes

    on each carton box will be written the content of the goods in it. like textile, electricity etc

    he want the pictures of the carton box will be slliced. so each carton will be like a slice. so clicking on the carton will take you the part in the site that belong to this kind of goods.

    he wanted to add affects to the cartons on mouse move. so when some1 move his mouse over the carton - something will happned.

    he also want nice drop down menu

    he want to use each carton to have a link to the section of this product in the site. this is why i want it sliced

    he sont want that the template will give impression that he is a shipping company, or warehouse company, but export company

    he want to emphasize that his company help his customers to get all their needs from many chinese factories in one stop.

    his slogen will be something like:

    "yours one stop for 9876 chinese factories"

    usually when some1 want to produce something in china - he need to buy a full container of same goods. but he want to to emphasize that he can help his customers to take few cartons of each good fill container and he will export it to the customers home.

    i have [posted this request here and in scriptlance:

    i promise here to pay 10 USD for the best 5 mockups i will get from you. even if we dont choose you like the winner.

    the one that my customer will like the most - will be winner and will do all the job.

    thanks again and happy bidding!

    the budjet is around 100 USD+best rating in i dont think that the chinese will pay more.

    if you are interested please send mockups to itzik72-cexw "At" yahoo com
    and post here. you can also put bid in scriptlance if you are a member there.

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    Thats a bit 2 low mate you will struggle to find anyone 2 do that for that price!!!!!!

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    I dont mean to be rude but I agree with ac4sufc. Your budget is too low. I dont think you can get one here to do the job.

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    I agree with them too......for better quality you need to pay better or little more price

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    I can do a one off template for $300 Pm if you want me to do it for you!

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    You can try purchasing a template from TM if you cant find someone that would do it customly. Good luck
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