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    A Russian business pays Web sites to infect PCs with adware and spyware..

    IframeDollars says it pays 6.1 cents per compromised machine to any site that signs up as an affiliate..

    IframeDollars claims that it handed out $11,890 in payments two weeks ago..
    i think that quote about a device that stabs people in the face over the internet describes how i feel about people like this.

    According to the Internet Storm Center, companies can prevent the downloading of adware and spyware from iframeDollars' servers by blocking the IP address
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    Ahh that sucks... I think it should be forwarded to all ISPS ..
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    Shouldnt the fbi be on them? I hate spam that should be totaly illegal...

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    It's russia...I don't think the FBI can touch them.

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