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    Flash Demos: Voice?

    Is it better to have demos with voices or without?

    Which is more prefered to the customer?
    Which looks better and more professional?

    Does anyone have any experience with demos and what clients prefer?

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    If it is just Email Outlook setup or normal ftp, a flash demo would do a fantastic job, voice over it would be quite overkill.......Demo for customising of say templates maybe voice over would be better. But it all depends on the complexity. Keep it neat and simple.

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    I actually voted 'with voice', but I'm not all too sure now. When you consider the quality that the likes of DemoDemo produce without voice, I can't really see a need for voice.
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    I also think that it depends on what you might be doing as well as maybe the tech-savviness of your customers. We recently purchased Macromedia Captivate and I have started to play with that some. I have tried to do both just to see the difference and to one extent, I like the voice a tad better. I think that it might even personalize it some

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    I think that Voice should be used for an extensive demonstration. If the demonstration is more hands on, I'd rather just read plain text if it didn't have a voice over. But for hosting tutorials, they're relatively short, simple, and not too much is involved. So non voice is a good choice for those.
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