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    Wanted: Creative graphics designer

    Dear WHT Members,

    I am interested in finding a creative graphics person for what is possibly a bit of a unique project here on WHT -- creating some desktop wallpapers for a project we're currently working on. The requirements are as follows:

    - Wallpaper must be completely 'unique' (i.e. we need to retain full rights)
    - We would require the finished wallpaper in a few standard sizes (i.e. 800x600, 1024x768, etc.)
    - We're looking for an 'upbeat' technological feel.

    What we're seeking at this point are quotes on a per-wallpaper basis. There is the possibility we will be contracting for a few individual wallpapers (we'll likely only hire one person, however, just to keep things consistent). Also, some of the wallpaper(s) may have a few thematic elements (i.e. "Australia"), so please keep this in mind when contacting us with your pricing.

    Please send quotes via PM or e-mail to me ([email protected]) or Karthick ([email protected]) (or even better, both of us!).


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    Hello Reece,
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