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    Please Help - Searching Host

    is there someone that can wright some good hosts tha accept paypal
    or maybe a host-ranking website?

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    4,608 is good and they are very relaible , i am currently hosted with them.

    if you need to find further, you can check in for new hosts.

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    thank you

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    There are plenty of resources where you can search for host meeting your requirements.

    To start with you can look at:

    Also, check findmyhost,, ratemyhost and other host directories

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    is this a website i can trust?

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    Originally posted by Bill_Iridion

    is this a website i can trust?
    Yes, you can trust it.

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    I know of a few webhosts that accept paypal but don't post it in their site. So it's best if you email them and verify if they accept paypal payments.
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    You will find lots of hosts accepting paypal nowadays, it wont be hard to you to find a host that meet your needs.

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    Check out HostVoice as well, you may find some interesting offers
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    is not bad

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    Well, I think it doesn't really matter, which hosting direcory you look at, as all of them contain both good and bad hosts. More important step is to check the host before you sign up.

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