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    * Unique Template 4 Sale!!!

    Hi there,

    I am selling this template I made in the last few days -

    - PSD File (Sliced)
    - Standard HTML page coded (as shown in image)
    - Font's used in the PSD

    This is the only template like this and I made it myself. When you purchase this template you get the things listed above. I may also sell the same or similar template in different colors but I will only sell each template ONCE.

    Asking price - $6 USD (offers can be made aswell but I will make the final decision.) - Payments only accepted through PayPal.

    Please contact me via PM or admin[at]phillracer[dot]com with any questions/comments. When sending email please enter "Template 5 - PRD" in the subject.

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    I will now LOWER the asking price to USD$5 ono. I really want to sell this template. I will now also make minor adjustments for free. Please contact me admin[at]phillracer[dot]com

    Any questions leave please reply. And "ono" stands for "or nearest offer" just incase someone want's to know.

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