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  1. #1 established gaming site for sale

    Domain name:

    Registrar: GoDaddy
    Expires: 2/6/2010
    Age of Site: 4 months
    PR: 2
    Alexa: 36,344
    Adsense Revenue: Minimal approx. $5 since April

    May 2005 Unique Visitors: 3065 Hits: 160546
    Jun 2005 Unique Visitors: 1260 Hits: 31584

    Description: Covers pc and console games with 108 games currently listed with screenshots, game description, box art, etc. 97 game publishers/developers listed with company logos and description. Also comes with XMB forum software. Currently at 47 registered members.

    Starting Bid: $100
    Current Bid: $100
    Bidding Ends Midnight, Tuesday June 14th

    PM me with questions

    I also have the domain name: which is an unestablished site that expires 5/19/2015
    Thank you!
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    I'll bid $125
    Looking for GameServer Domains ???
    I have ALOT of them !!!
    PM me if interested.

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    Can you show stats [AwStats]?

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    Proof of stats:
    Adsense info:

    Current Bid: $125
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    Current Bid: $160

    Run on igamingcms with XMB forum software - both are free

    Traffic info:
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    Domain's registered until?
    Domain's registered with who?

    Are the posters staying or is the information been setup just for this sale as 1 member has made the majority of the posts.

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    Re: established gaming site for sale

    Current Bid: $170

    Originally posted by ripeog

    Registrar: GoDaddy
    Expires: 2/6/2010
    Most forum members are from staff postings. I have a couple of staff members that have helped out with graphics and code. I am leaving it up to the new owner as far as what he/she does with the site and/or staff.

    All info is current and has not been setup specifically for this sale. I started this site as a hobby and it quickly grew into more than what I have time for.
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    Current Bid: $180
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    Is this still for sale?

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    Site has been SOLD.

    Thank you!
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