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Thread: rent a server ?

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    rent a server ?

    I dont know where to put this question, I dont know how these forums work, Im sorry but Im tired of my threads being deleted

    What I want to know is what company offers to customers the ability to rent a server with their choice of linux distrubution installed?

    What is the name of this kind of service, is this similiar to dedicated? Dedicated does lease you a server right? But Im looking for a company that will allow me to pick which distro to install?

    Im not looking for co-location because I dont have a server.

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    Basically every company does this, what you are describing is dedicated, as far as I see.

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    any company would let me pick my linux OS?

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    The normally give you an option of 3 - 5 or so.

    If you check out the advertising forum theres a forum for dedicated server - check out peoples threads in there for links to hosting companies who offer dedicated servers.
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    On an unmanaged server, you can install whatever suits you, including a wholly different OS. Don't expect any support for it, though.
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