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    Never get done with work at 8:00pm, go to a party that lasts till 7:45am, and then come home, do your laundry for the weekend, sleep until 3, and then go to work from 4:00, close at 10:30!!

    That was my Friday and Saturday night and I am hammered. Not the hammered where you've been drinking, but mentally done. I'm eating my dinner, writing this, making a mistake every word I type.

    How was your weekend so far?

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    Went home at 2am, worked on the computer and watched some TV, then went to sleep around 5am, tried to sleep, but kept getting calls, got up at 11am went to datacenter to direct new fiber pulls, went back home and went to sleep around 7:30pm and woke up just a few minutes ago, just after 11pm.
    James Lumby

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