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    * Child Left In Day Care Van

    This day care center picked up a child in the morning. When they got to the day care center, for whatever reason, they forgot the kid was in the van. This 2 year old was left inside a locked van in the hot sun for 8 hours. By the way, the driver responsible is now facing a possible charge of reckless homicide. ... Possible??? ... What a bunch of losers!!!

    "This lady was screaming, `Where's my kid? Where's my kid?'" Smith told WTMJ-TV. "'You guys had my kid, picked up my kid at seven o'clock this morning and you're trying to tell me you haven't seen my kid all day?' ... They looked in the van, and her kid was just laying there."

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    If they haven't seen her kids within 2 minutes, they should have called her to find out where her kid is. They should have done a name check.
    This was an irresponsible accident that cost a life. Do 2 years old wear those baby seatbelt? If they do then, they should not have forgotton that child.

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    The driver should have checked his van before he parked it after his run. That should be made a priority just so this sort of thing doesnt happen. Its manditory that we, the drivers of the company i work for, walk through/check our buses, vans and sprinters at the end of every run.

    That poor baby, those parents.... sooo sad. This shouldnt have happened. The driver should have been aware, he should have checked his vehicle at the end of his run before he locked up...
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    That is just horrible. I feel so bad for the child's family.

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    That is just plain scary, almost unfathomable, that someone in charge of delivering tiny children to their destination could be so lax. It is not excuseable for any public vehicle driver to not do a check after dropping people off, no matter the age.
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    makes you think twice before you have other people drive your kids to school, the day care center or wherever else they may have to go.
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    Sadest thing is you see two or three of these stories every summer here in the Philadelphia area. Last year the one that hit me was the dad who had to drop his kid at daycare because mom was sick. He went straight to work after strapping the kid in the backseat and forgot the kid was back there. As someone else said, it's unfathomable to me how you FORGET a kid is in your car. So, so sad...

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    A bad way to die, most definitely. Just yesterday, it was 88 degrees outside, with humidity that made it feel like 96 degrees. I was playing golf, and after the 12th or so hole, I started feeling symptoms of sunstroke or heat exhaustion: a pressing headache, queasiness, and slight dizziness. Even when I sat down, I felt these symptoms, so I decided it would be best to leave.

    In hindsight, the reason why I started feeling this way was that I had been drinking too much water, ironically out of fear of getting sick. That, combined with sweating more than I've sweated in years, made me lose a lot of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride). To add to that, then I drank a Pepsi and M&Ms (I did eat a hot dog, which has a lot of salt, but apparently this didn't help very much), both of which contain a lot of sugar and little sodium. Next time, I'll remember not to drink so much water (I drank three bottles in the course of two hours) and to drink a Gatorade, to replenish my electrolytes.

    With regards to the original topic, it's sad that someone could be so irresponsible. I'm amazed that he got the job in the first place; I mean, didn't they train him or something, and instruct him to always do a seat check? Perhaps it was bad training, but to the parents, nothing excuses him leaving a little kid baking in the scorching sun for eight hours.

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