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Thread: Ghost Writers

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    Ghost Writers

    Where do you find content for your sites?

    Do you use ghost writers?
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    RSS Live feeds is a good way to do it and its low maintenance.

    Also consider partnerships and extracts from other information sources that will allow you to reporduce their content. ie.

    Maybe consider writing your own opinion/forum/editorials based on industry events and technology changes. Unleash the writer in YOU.

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    Depends on exactly what is needed. We have on client that we call on every so often for some writing needs (trustedbrain (at)tyrantsintherapy (dot) com) and we have been extremely pleased with this work.

    There is also a member here on Small Business Forums that might be able to help

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    Thank you so much

    I visited both sites...(didn't quite get what kind os service you get at )tyrantsintherapy :-), but that is OK, I don't have to get everything :-)

    I cannot write well in English, since that is my third language.

    Why you had to write : trustedbrain (at)tyrantsintherapy (dot) com

    I understand that we cannot post affiliate links, but not just ordinary links?

    Also why I cannot post my site for review and why some signature links are click-able and some are not?

    This is very different kind of forum...

    Thank you!
    "Winning starts with beginning"

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    I would like to suggest you to get your work done by a freelance writer itself.

    If you'll go through the WHT rules, you'll find answer why you are not able to post your site or why some signatures are unclick able.

    Nothing here is a suspicious; no ghosts are here. This is world's top forum site.
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    Actually that is his email link. The reason I did not want to post his email link is because spam bots go thru forums, grab email addresses and then send out hundreds of spam to the recipient. I just wanted to try to protect his email addres some

    As far as posting, it might take about 10 posts before you are able to access that forum? Posting regular hyperlinks, you can do that once you have 5 posts (which you have)

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