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    Exclamation coder needed for clone work.

    I need the functionality of this site
    and sub pages such as

    Please pm me offers if you can code a similar script.

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    Im the owner of that site you are trying to 'clone'. I strongly suggest you are 'very' careful how you 'clone' it.

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    Most games have Plug-ins that will allow you to display information on a server... ie , how many players are on, the bandwidth, score, etc... IRC plugins,, etc...

    They are free too.

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    Wojjie, He can "clone" it however he wants. The idea can be used if he wishes. If he were to "copy" your site directly then it would be illegal.

    However you don't own any rights on being a site for monitoring games.

    Do you have any proof you own that site?

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    Hence the being careful about his definition of 'clone'. If he copies the way everything is layed out, functionality and key appearance factors, then he can be in trouble.

    There are key concepts/design aspects that took a long time to develop and perfect, and are still being perfected that are unique to the site. No one wants to see those concepts all be copied/stolen from a site they have spent a lot of time and money developing. I am also pretty sure there are some legal issues involved depending on the extent of this 'theft'.

    He can make a site that monitors games, and your right, I do not own rights to that, that is why I have competitors in the market.

    Evidence? Whois information, Site admin's name is 'Wojjie' (check the forums), my name here is Wojjie. (not a coincidence)

    All the news posts are done by me ('Wojjie'):

    I can also tell you the next news post which will be sometime today probably, and that will be about BF2 being added to the engine.

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    I am not looking to steal your site. All I want is the basic functionality to put on my site, for community members to use, to graph their servers.

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    Sorry then, you have to be careful how you use the word 'clone'.

    An exact copy of a product, made legally or
    illegally, from documentation or by reverse engineering.

    If you just need certain functionalities, and the cost to code is high, you can always contact me about getting some sort of license/subscription.

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    That actually sounds better then going to the trouble of working with all that. Ill contact you later this afternoon

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    Ok I take it from your off table dealings and not contacting me that you aren't interested in another soloution, only subscripting to a previous script.

    Good Luck.
    Thanks for all the contacting that you bothered to make

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