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    ****** acquires Entity Hosting?

    Hello all,

    New to the forums, but been heavily involved in web hosting businesses, etc for the past 4 years. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knew that Entity Hosting got purchased by ******? I'm wondering if anyone is having problems getting their accounts like I am experiencing!

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    Did you happen to miss the notice placed on the homepage of the entityhosting site by ******? Their new contact information is given there.
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    If you are having troubles with your account call the number provided on their home page.

    Phone: 866-351-0434 (US only)
    323-517-9935 (International)

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    I have called! They said that it will take a while! I was just wondering if anyone else was having the same troubles!
    The Diary of a Web Hosting Startup

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    Rumor has it that ****** moved the entity servers during the past 24 hours and some sites are no longer working. Of course you can't reach them because their call center in the philippines burned down today and their egos prevented them from ever setting up a decent alternative to whatever company they were using. I have tested the 'special number' ****** set up for entity customers. There is no way that line is going anywhere but a message system of some kind.

    I also heard through reliable sources ****** has plans to kill all entity packages and will be forcing the resellers to take ****** hosting offerings which are way low on features (no ssh, no static ips, private dns, etc).

    Glad I moved from entity when I did and cancelled the credit card I gave them! It would not be good to be stuck with automatic credit card renewals the way I hear ****** does it. If they made a mistake renewing you the money will never come to you. Most people I know who cancelled with ****** after their performance problems over the past 60 days say they are waiting 2 months or longer and some are going to their credit card companies to deal with the charges. Forget dealing with ****** through normal channels. Even the address to ****** is fake. The BBB gave my friend another address but what are the chances it is not a fake too?

    Check around here and you will find someone who wants your business and cares enough to think ahead when buying a company that is not even a good match for their offerings. Personally I love HostGator but there are plenty of good companies around.

    It looks like ****** may be trying to beef itself up for a quick sale. Feels like IComm all over again. The never ran a successful company. The simply sold a company to a management team that could do the job for the customers.

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