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    Looking to advertise

    I have an image hosting site that I would like to specifically advertise. Does anyone have any forums where pictures are frowned upon due to bandwidth and would allow me to advertise my site for the hosting of such pictures?

    A prominent sticky thread is what I'd be most interested in but am willing to look at other options.

    This is a fairly new image site with about 370 users. Free accounts get 5Mb of space to upload and manage folders. No adult content is allowed on the site.

    Please PM me with details if you have space available. Please include URL of site and brief stats.


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    I own a forum called sell mb which can be found at and if you advertise i can put it in the rules that any picture displayed should be hosted by you guys!

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    Pm'd you with a forum with 15,000 members

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    $15 a month for a text link on everypage of

    TextAdMarket -
    Supply & Demand Advertising

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    If your still looking for a place, check out our free web hosting forum at
    text links under partner links are sold for $3 per month.
    Site wide text links on the forums footer for $5 per month.
    Please pm me if your looking for more details.


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