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    Steadfast Networks - Support Response Time

    Hi all,
    As many of you know I just got my Steadfast Networks VPS. Anyway, today I configured Cerberus Helpdesk, and messed something up. I went out for dinner that night, and came back. I opened up Thunderbird (my email client) and downloaded new messages, then left to get a snack.
    I came back and saw on the screen: Inbox: 1523 new messages
    I nearly fainted. I had set Cerberus to notify me of tickets that arn't resolved or dead.
    Anyway, I immediatly sent a message to Steadfast thinking "oh no, they might think this is Spam and shut me down!"
    I got a response within 10 minutes on a LOW PRIORITY TICKET!
    This is not the first fast response I have gotten from them. When I first got the VPS Plesk didn't want to work. Index.htm pages were ignored (only Index.html pages were seen) and the Site Preview button didn't work. One support ticket later, and everything worked.
    I am very happy with Steadfast so far. This is not my complete review of them, just a post about their support.
    I have not seen much about them on this board, but let it be known, they are great!


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    Now now, I wasn't recommending them without reason!
    Great company.
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    That is fantastic support turnaround indeed. Reading this post, I was almost getting confused what the topic was but then remembered the subject and it all made sense. :-)

    Web Hosting? Been there. Done that.
    I am niyogi.

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    It is a good company, indeed
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