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    Topics and Questions that should include in Knowledge Base/FAQ of Domain and Hosting


    I am planning to prepare a Knowledge Base/FAQ for Domain and hosting. I hope to be a rather complete Knowledge Base/FAQ. Could you please help to list out the topics and questions that should include in the Knowledge Base/FAQ?

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    TOS, Privacy, SLA would be nice

    Email , FTP, Setup of Email and FTP Clients, Controlpanel FAQs for the end users.

    Security and Daily Maintenance FAQ for the Hosting Co.

    This is my wish list : )

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    You may add the procedure for ordering a domain, hosting etc.
    What type of programming language you will support, PHP, ASP, Java, cfm, etc.
    You may also add issues about billing, renewal of account, transfer of account.

    not sure if you actually need to add the security and daily maintenance FAQ because shouldn't this be in the SLA? About the security level and server maintenance so as to uphold a certain level of standard?

    Also about what you mean by excessive resource usage so as to ensure that you give the customer the idea when it is time to move on to a dedicated server/other alternative?

    Depending on your clientele, you might need to include other services you might provide? merchant account? web designing? etc.

    I believe there is no fixed rule.

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