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    finding a phpbb database in a cpanel backup

    One of my client domains (incidentally, one that I manage) had their phpbb forum seriously hacked. I have re-gained control over the forum and updated it to the latest phpbb version. However, for some reason the hacker deleted some 30,000 posts from the database. I don't know if this was intentional or incidental to his other activities. At anyrate, I have a cpanel back up of the entire domain. I want to take the database for the forum ONLY and install that. However, when I extract the cpanel back-up I cannot find where the mysql databases are being stored in order to upload the specific one that I need.

    Can anyone help?

    How does cpanel bundle the mysql databases so that I can identify the one I need?

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    Ok, if no one knows the answer to this question, does anyone know a better place to post this question? Or someone who would know the answer?

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