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    Question Formatting error on first load using FireFox

    Hey all,

    Link: Euro @ USF
    Scroll down to the bottom to see the layout error.

    I'm curious as to why this page is not properly formatted when it is loaded for the first time in FireFox (latest version). The page layout is corrected when the user presses Refresh on the browser. This happens every time the page is accessed for the first time when the FireFox browser is launched.

    The page loads just fine in IE.

    Any tips?


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    Are you talking about how the two columns on the right and left bust through the bottom of the box that's supposed to be containing them?

    It looks like a float issue to me, like there's some clearing that needs to take place. Ah, I think I see it. First of all, it doesn't clear up for me in Firefox after a refresh, but that's neither here nor there. I think the problem is that Firefox is seeing your cleaner container as empty and is therefore ignoring it, because you commented out the non-breaking space inside of it (which is wrapped in h5 tags for some odd reason). If you reinsert the space, your problem should be solved.

    But, if you'd like a cleaner, more semantically correct way to clear your containers, try looking through - it takes a little work, but in the end, you don't have a bunch of empty containers doing what a single CSS command should be capable of doing all on its own. I've been counting down the days until IE7 is released and IE6 gets completely phased out...only six or seven years to go...
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