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    HostingZoom or resellerzoom?


    In the website of I say the website of hostingzoom...

    For a plan of reseller What is better (support, uptime...etc)?

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    They are ran by the same company, I wouldn't say that one is better than the other, they each have their own perks. ResellerZoom is reseller hosting on a budget, while HostingZoom costs more but offers more features, such as ClientExec free of charge, end user support, etc. It really depends on what you want.
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    I would recommend that, if you have the money, go for the HostingZoom division. There are many reasons for this, the strongest of which is that ResellerZoom, by virtue of their pricing, will attract other customers that have websites that may not play nicely on the server your account is on. You *might* have relatively poorer uptime as a result.

    Support is probably quality regardless of which division you go with. It's just uptime and performance that you'd essentially be paying the premium for (even if you don't use the other features such as ClientExec or End-user Support).

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    They both are good. Resellerzoom has some great prices for what is offers.

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    It all depends on money and services you want. Or what you will host with them. If you want to spend less money ResellerZoom, for everything right on your account it's HostingZoom. I don't think there is much difference.

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    Really depends on your budget. I would go for resellerzoom though. They are good enough for most needs.

  7. i enjoyed hostingzoom while i was there, free clientexec account. and superior service. but the prices are little higher than resellerzoom. but im sure that hostingzoom did as good a job as they did with thier own company . hope this helps...

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