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    Looking for a Windows VPS...

    Howdy all. I've done a search and found two Windows VPS providers here on WHT (I've contacted them and have heard back from one) but am curious to find out if there are any more.

    Basically, I'm looking for a Windows VPS which will support this application. It needs to run IIS 5.0 or higher and preferably be a PIV or better. Must be able to push .asp pages and preferably integrate with ASP.Net. Also requires PNG image capability.

    I'm looking to spend between $50 to $75 per month since this will be the only application on the server. Not planning on hosting or anything with it, which is why I probably don't need a dedicated box (have a dedicated Linux box right now but this app requires a Win box).

    Please feel free to contact me via IM or email or reply with any suggestions here.

    Thx much, in advance.

    Y'all have a good one!


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    did you try Value Reseller? I have some sites with them now and just received an email that they have added VPS at no addtional fee.

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