My name is Boris Mordkovich. I'm the co-author of a recently published book on search engine marketing (Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Handbook - / Amazon / and a managing partner in several online ventures, such as and, that help small business owners and entrepreneurs advertise online via major search engines.

We have recently started to host online webinars on topics, such as Internet advertising, search engine marketing, etc. (e.g. we will be hosting a one-hour webinar with and Business Marketing Association of NJ - These interactive sessions are meant to educate business owners about search engine advertising (if they haven't encountered it in the past) and improve their existing campaigns (if they already use it).

If you represent a web hosting company, you know that it's difficult to separate yourself from the competition. A great way to do it would be to offer a customized, live webinar for your clients to help them improve their online presence.

One of the biggest payoffs in running a webinar like this is to promote goodwill and loyalty among your existing clients, as well as generate publicity and strengthen your brand image for potential ones. Furthermore, helping your clients get more out of their websites will get them to grow their businesses and upgrade to larger plans down the line.

The webinar would be completely custom-developed for you based on our collaborative planning. I provided you with a sample layout below.

- what is PPC advertising, why it's so effective
- good starting points; how to get started
- how to develop a good ad (title, description)
- how to research keywords
- how to manage bids effectively; using autobidding; using 3rd party management tools
- how to develop proper landing pages; basic copywriting tips and tricks (guarantees, etc.)
- a/b split testing (how to test landing pages; ads; etc.)
- ad tracking (what you need to track; quick rundown of tools on the market ranging from simple ad trackers to web analytics software)
- click fraud (how to detect it; how to prevent it; different tools available)
- what's going on in this industry - current and upcoming predictions

As I mentioned earlier, the content can be customized to include exactly what you want to cover.

Our rates for hosting the webinar are very affordable. If you'd like us to host an online marketing webinar for your clients, please contact me at [email protected] and let me know what your goals are and we'll go from there.

Best Regards,
Boris Mordkovich