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    Is it ok to use a template if...

    you highly customize it?

    i know using templates is kinda boring, but what if I customize the crap out of it?

    like changing a lot of the table placement, colors, and the like.

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    If you're going to 'highly customize it,' why don't you make one from scratch?

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    it just seems overwhelming starting from scratch

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    I prefer to use templates anyway, if you can get a nice professional one, but yet I really customize mine with my Photoshop 30 day trial!

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    If you buy a template do the thing where no one else can buy it. I really get tired of seeing the same one on ten different host

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    that's great, it only costs a few thousand more!

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    then just go with a custom one because it wont look like everyone elses! And if you did put that much work into customizing a premade one why would you do that much work when you can just make a new totally differnt one?

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    Templates are ok for YOU if you are going to customize the heck out of it. After you're done, it will look almost nothing like what you started with and so you're fine.

    Its when people use them as is that it gets to be a bore. You spend more time trying to remember where you saw that design than actually focusing on the web site content in front of you....


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    sorry about the off topic remark here, but LadyHost, your sig made me lol, it's so true.

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    I think that your website is your face. Keep it as original as possible. My highest investment has been in my design. I spent around 250$ on it.
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    What kind of template are you intending to use? Mambo? TemplateMonster?

    Go for it - I know of *many* hosting companies that have become quite successful using templates because they focused on their business development more so than adding too many bells and whistles to their website.

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    Originally posted by kuiper41
    If you're going to 'highly customize it,' why don't you make one from scratch?
    Because some people find starting from a blank canvas, as a bit overwhelming, and would rather start from something, and "highly customise it". Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    exactly aussie

    but now since my wife (the graphics part of the team) is highly against using other peoples work, we are gonna start from scratch lol

    i just bought a bunch of tutorials on how to do the more indepth design, so hopefully it will all workout well.

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    I see many templates you would not even know were templates but then there are the standard Monster Template hosting templates with the cheesy flash and same servers on each site that if you gave me a day I could find at least 10 of them using the same template.. Not that it is a really bad thing as I don't think customers would ever really even notice and even if they did it would be a very minimal amount.

    I purchased a pre-made site but I have all the PSD etc so I can modify it as I like uzing what minimal design talent I have

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    I bought many templates from TM, and customized it to fit my needs. If you do it just right you can make it your "own".

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    If you have PSDs, you can do whatever you wish with that design so its NOT at all bad to use templates.

    Mainly you need to change designs.

    I have baught some of them from TM and 5sec and then interchanged images and got them modified by my designers and now nobody can say that was a TM or 5sec template.
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    I think templates can be a valuable tool for learning and inspiration.
    graphics is not my strong point by any means. (photoshop is on the long list of things to learn).
    Basicly if i see something I like, I try to mimic that.. If all else fails I can grab that one feature and use it in my own design.

    My current site was purchased (sold only once) and I did some customization to it myself.

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    Templates get a bad rep, but especially if you're starting out, it makes little sense to spend a disproportionate amount of time/resources on design then leave other areas of your business lagging.

    If you customize it enough, and it looks original, there's nothing wrong, unethical, or even lazy about it. And heck, if you target the right customers, even straight up templates will never be noticed.

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    There are so many starving web designers out there, if I advertise I need a nice custom template made and I'm willing to pay up to say $250 for one that's good, I have to beat the web designers off with a stick like I was the only tree in a desert full of dogs
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    Hahaha! Good one Gary! You sure can describe an action! (and an auction!)

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    Time is money. If using a template will save you a good deal of time, and you can do it without risking your uniqueness, then go for it.
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