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    Exclamation Anyone having problems with Amen?

    Since this morning i cannot access Plesk on any of my servers hosted with Amen. I enter username and password and after that the page keeps loading and times out.

    For a couple of days there's also been problems with mail servers, but for now seem to be solved.

    I was just wondering if this is a problem only with mine or somebody else is having problems too.

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    I'm surprised you actually get any support from them to be honest. We looked at them a month or two ago, fired off a few simple pre-sales questions, and we were ignored.

    We tried again, raising questions through their official support desk. Ignored again.

    Tried yet again. Still ignored.

    That told us all we needed to know about them. We simply moved on.

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    You are completely right. They are not answering any support question beacuse Amen was bought by Via Networks a while ago and now there is a nother company interested in buying Via so, as the employees of Amen do not want this to happen they changued the root access to every server, support telephone, etc..

    This has already lasted too long and we are moving to another very well connected datacenter and with aboslutely no problems.

    What bothers me is having a server without beeing able to use it and paying for it just beacuse tose nice guys don't want to fix it.

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