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    * Half Life 2 + CS Source key for sale (unused brand new)

    Hello i got an extra key from AMD when i bought the bare bones system from a supplier. I no longer need this key so im selling it.

    Its good for the HL2 bundle.

    Standard price from Valve: 50$ USD

    Your Price if you buy it from me: 35$ OR best offer

    I just got the key today, no one has ever used it and it will be 100% yours.

    send requests to eddy.gilbert(at)

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    alright payment sent

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    CD key's sold outside of valve are not allowed if you read the rules.

    It also means you have no assurance over any problems etc.

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    He's selling the voucher that came with his chipset. Valve condones this.

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    Argh missed out on this one.

    Anyone contact me if you have the same on offer please, or if this one falls through.

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