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    Selling Footer Text Links [1,000,000 Hits / Day!]

    As the title says, I'm offering 5 or so text links at the footer of the website,

    With 15,000 members, we provide a community forum board where user's, specifically those who paintball, can post videos and images of their tournaments, markers, and what not.

    We're a clean site, no porn. Swear filters are on. We have a good rep in the paintball community.
    Ages 10-30 are active on the forums.

    We are listed on's paintball seciton. Which is ranked first with google if you enter 'free paintball videos'.

    We receive over 1,000,000 (one million) hits a day.

    30,000+ unique visitors a month.

    We've just reaced our 1 year anniversary.

    Text links will go at the bottom of the website.
    THESE ARE UNIVERSAL TEXT LINKS - Meaning they will be shown on every page of every forum thread, post, and even on the homepage.

    A great way to get your google rank up.

    1 Text link = $12 / month
    Bold = add $3
    Colored = add $5

    Paypal is preferred. I'm a verified business member.

    Feel free to reply here or email me for more stats at admin[at]

    Thank you
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    Just a couple of quick questions. Firstly, can we purchase more than 1 month at a time? Secondly, have you set a maximum for the number of links you will have?


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    I can offer a 10% discount if you buy 3 months.
    20% discount if you buy 6 months.
    No discounts on the bold and color though.

    Around 5 links on one line will be the limit. I guess if I want, I can add more than one line. And of course, you can buy multiple links.

    I will allow the link to have and a 20 character description (including spaces).

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    do you have some stats we can look at?

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    Sure thing grace.

    I have to explain the 2 1/2 days where the stats are missing. The logs for were taking up 2 gigs of space, which is it's quota I set. So they stopped logging the end of the day on June 8th, and as you can see, got them working again today.

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    These prices are in USD, correct?

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    Originally posted by MistHosting
    These prices are in USD, correct?
    Yes all prices are in USD

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    3 More spots left.

    And if you have a video uploader, I will post it at the very top header, showing on every single page. Guaranteed to be used. My forum specializes in showing videos (paintball). So I can give this to someone for $20/month

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    Good stuff, pm sent

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    dont think i have enough posts to pm or summin :/

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