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Thread: Some Questions.

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    Some Questions.

    I was thinking of getting VPS hosting.

    Does it matter which Linux Distro I install?
    Anyways, which would be the best amongst these ones?
    Centos 4.x
    Debian Stable (you can manually upgrade to testing)
    Fedora Core 1,2 and 3
    or Free Bsd 4.x/5.x

    And was wondering which FREE Control Panel should I install?
    I've so far only know WebMin...

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    I use webmin, no problem with setting up httpd and virtual hosts but I'm lost with sendmail. Don't know how to get it working with more then one domain.


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    Any particular reason you'd want a free control panel? Most providers include control panels with their main VPS plans. As for OS, CentOS or RHEL is what I'd recommend.

    Web Hosting? Been there. Done that.
    I am niyogi.

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    "Most" providers include control panels.

    The one i'm considering right now does'nt come with one and the price is quite reasonable. But it was extra for cPanel and don't want to add to the cost since I'm not planning on reselling.


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