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    Oh, blimey - it gets better :: Jar Of Pitt, Jolie Air For Sale On eBay

    LOS ANGELES -- Ever wanted to breathe the same air as Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie? One eBay auction promises you just that.

    The seller says the highest bidder will get a wide-mouth, one-quart Mason jar of air that was captured at the Los Angeles area movie premiere for "Mr. And Mrs. Smith," which stars Pitt and Jolie.

    For the skeptical types, there are pictures on the auction page showing the jar being held up at the premiere as Jolie and Pitt both stop by to say hi to fans.

    The seller says the item is up for auction to raise money for his satirical news Web site.

    The winner of the auction also will receive two "Mr. And Mrs. Smith" T-shirts.

    The bidding was up to $510 by Friday morning. The auction ends on June 19.
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    Thats up top in my list of craziest eBay auctions ever...!

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    Actually this looks like one of the more sane auctions to me

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