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    Whats your least favorite thing to program?

    My least favorite is programming order forms. I hate to do it because of all the error checking and stuff to make sure the user is doing their job. lol.

    What about you?
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    I work with PHP, so anything that I feel server side code shouldn't have to deal with really annoys security issues related to the HTTP protocol which the HTTP doesn't handle properly :/

    I also don't like working with databases so much...actually I just don't like the way we are allowed to work with DB's under PHP

    Other than those, I like everything else

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    I hate writing the documentation for a project - Free resource for web developers.
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    I hate doing large database-driven sites. It's annoying having to create tons of dummy database entries and then spend a few hours testing each one to make sure the code works exactly right.

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    My platform is PHP> My least favorite thing would be dynamicly parsing and including content from external web sites. Next thing would be dealing with UPS zone tables.

    <edit>I almost forgot, I hate making PDF.
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    I hate programming homework :x

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    I hate making easy things, not enough of a challenge.

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    Originally posted by davidsoj
    I hate making easy things, not enough of a challenge.
    LOL, Im the same. I intentionally make my projects as hard as possible. Not only to challenge myself, but to learn new things.

    The thing I hate most is creating login and authenticitation systems.
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    For me it's time or date. I hate dealing with all the different variations, how timestamp in the database might not be true Unix stamp. Figuring days of the week. Holidays in a calendar script. Etc. Especially with the fact that it constantly is on my back with deadlines, to have to program it is ten times worse. Sometimes I think my watch is giving me the finger....

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    Ironically enough, I'm going to have to vote for order forms as being my least favorite as well.

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    Heavy forms and complex auth schemes...
    Just hell to deal with!
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    I hate to program form's data validation and everything related to validation of user input. Disrupting traditional file hosting.
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    My least favorite thing to code is... Nothing.

    I love it all especially when it comes to PHP & VB .net
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    I can't believe most people's complaints are with authentication forms. Don't you guys use any sort of framework? That's the whole point of frameworks ... avoid repetitive gunk like login forms, auth forms, etc.

    Anyway -- my least favorite things to program include (in no particular order):

    1. Windows programming -- I hate it to bits, but this is changing since .NET came about.

    2. LBS programming -- the math is what I hate.

    3. Image manipulation/PDFs (using PHP) -- they really need to make this easier.

    Other than that, I love the rest. I enjoy programming in Java, PHP, C++ (when I'm feeling crazy). What I hate with a passion is VB ("classic") and ASP 3.0. I'm warming up to C# and the whole .NET thing. Eventually, I'll write a full-blown C# Windows application.

    What I can't wait to do is write a Cocoa-based application
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    since i dont touch windows programming anymore (havent since uni) i cant really complain about that..

    my biggest current issue/moan is the amount of tiem it takes in perl to extract information from a database, write it into a spreadsheet and then mail it. to make a new report using this takes sodding ages, and they all look similar (but arent). still, the alternative is to do it manually... other hates are porting bash to perl and guis/interfaces - commandline all the way babeh!

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    I hate to do contact forms - i did hundreds of them in the last couple years... bah

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    I, too, dislike image manipulation scripts. They are indeed cumbersome.

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    i dislike everything past the innovation stage of a website/feature, when all there is to do is test everything out, and make sure all the error checking works and whatnot
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