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    i want help with finding trustable dedicated server hosting now im with sagonet and i will change it coz my ircd server freeze sometimes also psybncs frezee there is no attack or no problem even i dont host anysite

    i want 2.0+ cpu
    cpanel + fantastico
    8+ ips
    allow irc and shell hosting

    and where i can pay via paypal

    and i cant pay more then 99$ for now..

    i hope someone would help me with his/her experience..

    im borred getting ripped everytime.

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    no setup fee

    without setup fee.. please i would help anyone about anything

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    Maybe you should have a look at Staminus?

    Also search around WHT for feedback about them
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    thx for quick reply

    thx for quick reply but they want 40$ for cpanel and gives 1 ip and wants money for more ip also wants money for irc access so it goes like 160$ a month even celeron 2.6

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    allow IRC and perfect network and support.
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    Originally posted by nikolakidman
    allow IRC and perfect network and support.
    Please read before responding... he is looking for a sub $99/m server with IRC and cPanel. OrangeFiber does not offer that.

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    Keep your server and reload it to freeBSD.

    Its not your host, I have encountered lots of problems running irc on linux. Not quite sure why, but try running freeBSD for your irc process' and you will see the difference.

    I have never encountered an ircd to freeze on linux, but it does happen with psyBNC.

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    You are going to be very pressed to find a server with that allows irc and includes cpanel for that cheap, for a decent irc provider you are looking at the 200+ a month range. Even a budget server you are lookin at around 150 or so unless you consider a company like or something.
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    thank you all i tried with but they are not accepting paypal and i post my creditcard but didnt send order form yet coz there is word which says they can bill you for anything anytime so they can take all your money from your card without askin i dont feel secure my friend lost his 500$ coz of ddos and he had ircd account not even dedicated i can secure my own box and manage.. i just dont like freebsd never get well with it.. i know its hard to find good host with irc support but im not going to give shell access to oders i will make new link my server where im netadmin and i will make psybncs and sell them not even psybnc admins and also i want to host sites with cpanel .. im just trying to make 99$ or less in month im not looking for hosting and earning.. i just want for my needs thx all it seems like im down

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