Due to a shortage of staff recently, my company is currently looking for part time staff for our shoutcast streaming media brand, UK ShoutCast.

Unfortuantly though, we would basically be looking for someone who is happy to just have this job as a side job, as we would only need work doing occasionally. (Adding up to maybe 1 hour of work a month).

Of course, due to the nature of this job, the wages would not be very high, but we would be happy to listen to offers and this may lead to a full time position within the brand.

Skills needed would include:

- General Linux server administration (our servers run Fedora Linux)
- Setup DNAS's
- Ammend DNAS Passwords
- Full DNAS Configuration
- Possibly setting up customized DNAS's
- Admins from the UK, US and Europe welcomed

If you feel you have these skills, please contact me at [email protected] .

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this request.

Thank you.

Kindest Regards
Matthew Cullum
Managing Director