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    494 vs. Back Up Services


    We're looking for a quality provider for backing up our data on a regular basis (2x per day). So far, we're torn between and backup services - can anyone provide any insight into this situation?

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    GNAX has a good reputation here [and I had a server in their DC], and I've never heard of BQBackup.

    However, seems like an interesting thread on it.

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    I would go with GNAX just because i have heard good things about them

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    Just wanted to chime in here with my opinion on the matter, I use BQ and wanted to say that it's been great service. They've always been great as far as contact goes with questions and quality in their service.

    Good luck in your search!
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    I have never used BQBackup but I have over 1 year with remote backups at gnax...

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    We've been using both GNAX and BQ Internet (BQBackup) for almost a year now for redundant remote backups and haven't had any issues at all.

    We wouldn't have a problem recommending either one of them.
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    Gnax is have a good reputation, BQBackup never heard about it. We are using for 6 months, and by now we are satisfied.

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    I have heard lots of positive feedback about Gnax. My friend has been using their backup services and is pretty satisfied with them. Personally I have never used them.

    As for BQBackup, to say the truth, it's first time I hear about them, but that does not mean they are not good
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    We've heard good things about GNAX.
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    Originally posted by bqinternet
    We've heard good things about GNAX.
    And we've heard good things about BQBackup

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