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    too much traffic ???

    HI !

    I have dedicate server:

    Cel 2.4
    512 ram
    80GB hdd
    100mbit uplink

    I host there some websites with 7000-10000 traffic per day.

    My server works very slow.... my hosting provider told me I need to buy additional ram.
    Should I do this ? Is my server cant support 10000 visitors per day ?

    Please let me know.


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    Well. Celeron Processor is not to powerful. At the same time 512 RAM are not enough at all. So I think that you need to get more powerful machine.

    I do not recommend to get at least
    Pentium 4 3.0GHz
    1GB RAM

    and it is even better to get 2 gigs of RAM or Xeon processor

    Best Regards
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    512MB memory is not very much ram. It is wise to upgarde to more memory. Consider 1GB or even 2GB internal RAM. Also consider processor upgrade! If you have database driven websites Celeron is very poor perfomance...

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    Usually, 10,000 daily visitors are not that much to handle for a dedicated server. How you process these 10,000 visitors do make a difference: whether they are just visiting on a static web resource or make few database requests. If latter, then its quite possible you need to upgrade the server.

    Dimitar above provided the minimal specs, which I agree with.

    Good luck,
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    Is your company represented?

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    Re: too much traffic ???

    Originally posted by wo3333

    I host there some websites with 7000-10000 traffic per day.
    Some websites? How many? 7000-10000 per day and per website? Or does your server use that much data transfer per day?

    It could be a bad choice to upgrade RAM on a Celeron. You might need a better CPU.
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    I would recommend upgrading your server, instead of just upgrading ram.

    How many websites do you host exactly and what is the amount of traffic on each website? What sort of websites are they?

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