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    CMS Solutions: PostNuke vs Mambo


    I'm looking for a CMS that I can manage. I've been researching Content Management Solutions for my event marketing business. One of the open source solutions I'm researching is PostNuke. Then I found Mambo. I'm looking for comparisons w/ your opinions. I'm requesting opinons regarding PostNuke vs Mambo to help me deside which solution is best for my needs.

    I'm particular about ease of use, aestetics and features. Such as...

    * Able to integrate with Gallery.Menalto
    * Forums such as PHPBB
    * Interchangeable Themes
    * Strong security
    * Calendar / scheduling integration
    * Custom modular integration
    * Digital subscriptions management
    * Open Source using PHP & Platform independent

    Your relpy is greatly appreciated!

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    I have to say... for ease of use i would recommend mambo.
    Ive used both, and the mambo admin panel has loads of control.

    There doesnt appear to be as many skins out for mambo, but i havent look alot.,

    The modular integration, i havent tried, but while i was playing about with the admin panel, ive noticed an install feature, whihc looks handy

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    Yes, I'm liking Mambo more and more! I would defiantly like to have a subscription based CMS. One that would allow for a tiered member based system. For example...

    Limited anonymous user access
    FREE membership
    $ Full Access membership
    $$ Full Access Membership and Marketing privileges

    I've learned that Mambo does intergrade w/ Gallery.Menalto. I'm gonna continue to ask around. If Mambo is subscription compliant, even using PayPal ...I'm going for it!

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    Take a look at Xoops. (
    Game control panels - control your game world your way.

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