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    Looking for a design partner:


    I'm currently searching for a layout/graphic designer with which to team up with to complete numerous projects which will become available.

    I'm looking for someone with fresh ideas and a quick turnaround - just the design is required, I will provide the slicing, coding, turning one layout into a fully functional site and so forth. Unfortunately as it's becomming a saturated market with so many great designers and developers around, I require somebody who is more into this as a hobby/stepping stone for much larger projects, as I'm not in the market of large companies who can afford xx,xxx.

    Please get in touch with some previous work, I'm open to ideas and I'm flexible about times and pay. I have webspace and domains ready for producing a portfolio site, all I need is a designer of some guise to help along the way. I can design myself, although, I'm not the most artistic in the world! I'm much more at home with notepad.

    Give me a shout on:

    [email protected] (MSN ONLY)
    [email protected] (E-Mail)
    Cobalti64 (AOL)

    I much prefer MSN but again, I'm open to be contacted in any of the above ways. PM is also an option although not handy for future communication.

    Thanks for your time, I will tell you much more when you get in touch. This is a new venture, but I have experience, contacts and the drive to make this at least a partial success.


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    Hmm...this looks rather interesting. I much enjoy just sitting here and designing templates. Will there be a pay involved?

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