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    Charge verify code ? how to...?

    I was thinking it would be very handly if having a merchant account would be possible to autogenerate some number and send it with the pre auth message to customers card statement. Just like paypal does when u want to verify your credit card. PayPal somehow does not charge but put a hold on $1.95, a kind of pending payment but it apears in the statement and only clear the funds when the code is entered on the website. U can also send this number when shipping merchandise or gerenate 2 numbers: 1 for card statement and 1 for merchandise so u can insta lock the amount with pre auth but clear the funds only when these 2 codes are entered on the webside. That would reduce chargebacks alot i guess becouse merhant will only clear when hes sure that it was not a fraud payment and merchandise delivered. Also there could be something in the ToS that by entering the code you received with merchandise u aggre that product was exactly as explained on the webside and not damaged.

    Any ideas?

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    It does on the merchant side. Your software may do it. But you will pay transaction fee for both transacations. Also, some banks don't show pre-authorized amount in statements neither online ones nor hardcopy ones.
    So, you will have to make charge transactions to make your charges visible to your clients on their statements.
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    It sounds like you are wanting to doa pre-authorization? If so, it could be good but another problem, these pre-auths are usually only good for a certain amount of time (depending on the issuing bank).

    The times are usually 3-10 business days that they money is guaranteed yours. There are times also where you can actually do the post-authorization / sale on a pre-auth a couple of months down the road and the money is yours.

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