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    Where to find the Best Fully Managed dedicate server?

    Hi all,

    I'm an webmaster, also an average administrator. Now I'm so tired to keep a look on my server
    I'd like to find a good dedicated provider who can take care my server, so I have more free time to do more interesting things

    And these are what I need:

    1. Dual Xeon, 2MB RAM, 2HDD

    2. Good datacenter and network.

    3. Fully managed services or something like that.

    4. 99.9% up time

    5. Good support

    6. And final thing, but not important: good prices

    Please give me some advice. Thank you.

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    Check out:

    You can use search on forum to find excellent reviews for them...

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    I think 350$/month. Is it enough?

    Now I have a box with: Dual Xeon 2.8, 1GB RAM, 2HDD, Cpanel, Hardware Firewall -> 265$/month ( good price). But I don't like managed service of this provider.

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    Was that quote something you got from ThePlanet or...?

    I think $350 should be enough for the machine itself but the hardware firewall will be extra.

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    Thank LaMpiR, Bashar and Elix,

    Certainly I know that 350$ (maybe) does not enough for the box itself with hardware firewall.

    The most important is "The dedicated server itself".

    Liquidweb so good. But I like more provider for comparision


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    $350/month is a bit on the cheap side for a fully managed server with dedicated firewall - you may need to increase this a little, or use a software firewall.
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    I mean: 350$/month NOT INCLUDE hardware firewall. Thanks

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    What kinda' bandwidth and/or transfer are you exepcting..?
    relax... it's just 1s and 0s

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    $350 is enough for a managed solution. It depends on the level of management that you will need.
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    USA should so something about:

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    It's doesn't important now. About 2000Gb is OK.

    I have not enough time to maintain my server. So the most important thing for me is: Full managed services and good support.

    I look forward my server live without my hands and eyes.

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    What kind of site are you running? Are you running a webhost?
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    2,175 dual xeon 3.0 2gb of ram 160gb hd, it comes with 2.5TB of bandwidth

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    Hello ,

    FastServers.Net provides a full array of management services for use with dedicated servers and executed by them team of dedicated server experts, DellPowerEdge Servers, awesome and professional tech support and stable network. ask FastServerS sales team about Managed DEFCON Service Levels . they are what you are looking for .

    Good Luck .
    Ali Hamad

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