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    Cpanel to Hsphere, anybody??


    Just wondering if anybody had expereince changing from Cpanel, to Hsphere?

    Also, any transfer scripts etc to backup files and import to hsphere. I suspect not, so, what files are needed to be copied etc. Emails, email and ftp settings etc etc.

    If emails are currently handled in squirralmail, and squirralmail is set up in hsphere, is it an easy transfer etc?

    Please help.

    Thanks every1

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    IIRC, your just going to have to move everything manually. FTP all your content over, dump the MySQL databases into the SQL server on the H-Sphere cluster. Migrate all the mail over (You can just set up your mail client for both new and old accounts at the same time and drag the messages across).

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    If you have root access and a large number of files there are ways to do imports. If you are talking only a few sites I would ask the new hosts if they could ftp your files at the server and if you could get ssh access to quickly import the mysql databases.

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    thanks for you help. I will talk to my host. And the link to hspere migration is v helpful.

    Thanks again!!

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