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    template for sale

    a basic template, (coded, but psd will be available if requested) there are 2 drop down menus in this with easy editing links, the banner psd will be supplied and the font i used.


    click here to view

    (i will sell how ever many people want)
    just to let you know, you cant see the very bottom of the template of the picture, it basically just rounds off.
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    um, as i cant edit my post and its important please dont ban me for double posting, but with this template you will get resale rights as well for $55

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    Just to let you know.. it's "copyright", not "copywrite".

    Good luck with your sale.

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    I really like this design

    Just wondering though. I take it you made it in Photoshop?

    How did you make the drop down menus?

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    i know i miss spelt copyright now

    the drop down menus are java script, so the pictures are sliced and coded but its easy to edit the pictures and the coding will still work,

    if you buy them you can get resale rights

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