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    Angry Domain transfer from Cee-Kay

    Hi everyone,

    I guess I'm just not lucky when it comes to Dutch domain registerations. First I get ripped off by Registerfly (Although they did refund me the money) then I register the domain name with Cee-Kay which appears to be a reputable company.

    Well, Cee-Kay just disappeared and a quick search on Google reveals that they may have gone out of business for good. My domain name still works, but I don't have a CP I can log into and manage it, therefore I'm open to suggestions for a new registrar and whether or not I'll be able to transfer the domain now that Cee-Kay is gone.


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    As long as your registration records show your info, more specifically your email address, you should be able to transfer it to another registrar.

    i recommend and .

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    might want to contact DEnic and find out what happens when such situations takes place.
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    Thanks for your replies. I will be contacting SIDN to see if I can transfer the domain. So once again I'm open to suggestions for a reliable registrar that will register .NL domains and won't go out of business within two weeks.


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