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    Can I tfr domain registration away from ************ but still use them as my webhost


    I'm getting a little peeved at ************ just now. After about 10 months, I just upgraded to the Savers Plan and it wasn't so clear (to me) that they were going to extend my plan out another 2 years, but never mind that's not my problem. It's probably my fault. Anyhow, I've been asking them to extend my domain registration to the new contract end date (2 years from now) since I've already prepaid them for it. I seem to be getting a run-a-round. Firstly they tell me that the domain registration date and the contract dates are not connected (well they were when I signed up) and I need to use the free credits (which they give you when you sign up to pay for renewing your domain registration... goodness only knows why they operate like that). Anyhow, tried to use the free credits, but lo and behold, their gone! Tell them about that and they tell me the registration isn't due for another 14months approx so they ain't going to give me any credits to extend my domain registration. I'm still in discussion about that.

    There have been some other minor issues and I haven't really been affected too much by their outages of late because I don't run a commercial site (yet). Overall, I've been satisfied although I'm not happy about being locked into the 2 year contract (but I've accepted it).

    As with all of their plans, the Savers Plan includes a free domain (which they registered for me when I signed up) and an individual ip address. I've checked with the registrar, and my name is on the domain registration.

    Well, because of how they been acting, and reading some bad reviews in these forums, I'm a little scared that if I get into a big argument with them, I might get some trouble with my domain name. What I'd like to do is to transfer my domain registration to say, GoDaddy, whilst retaining ************ as my webhost and keeping the same fixed ip address. OK, the extra expense from me is the GoDaddy registration fees, but I judge that to be worth it. Is this practically possible and what would I need to do. Is GoDaddy a good choice, or do they have any gotcha's?

    Does anyone know what their policies and attitudes would be should I decide the transfer the web-hosting away from them as well? I've been with them 11 months now and have 23 months left on my recently renewed contract. Would I get a refund for example, and how would it be calculated?

    Should I stay or should I go? Is it a good idea to keep the domain registration and webhosting with separate companies (even if it costs a little more)? Would LunarPages be a good alternative?

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    Maybe that is their way of holding you hostage. What I would suggest is that you buy another domain name. Link the domain name to that old domain name.
    Um...that way if they decided not to renew the domain name or let you renew it, you will have a back up domain name to use. You could let people know the new domain name. The old domain name should still link to the second page. I think they are looking for way to suspend you. That is why I would never prepay for 2 years.

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    Why would they want to try and suspend me? I haven't done anything wrong (yet) I do kinda feel like a hostage though

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    Is it a good idea to keep the domain registration and webhosting with separate companies (even if it costs a little more)?

    That would be a wise thing to do. Just ensure that you have personal access to dns management on the registrar's database. Godaddy has been discussed in some threads:

    and many others.

    Would LunarPages be a good alternative?

    Check around this forum and google first before signing up with any host. LunarPages has been discussed in some threads on this forum:

    and others.
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