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    I sure do like Pizza Hut :-)

    I sure do like how Pizza Hut has their site setup. Just like in hosting, you have your billing info and login. They even remember your last order, at the click of a button you order it again.

    I love how they can coordinate the data and have my pizza here within 38 minutes of me clicking that button, and never having the pick up the phone. Of course, we've been ordering like that for a while now, but it's always been my wife doing it. Tonight was the first time I did it..

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    Cheese and pepper. Iggy cops.

    Now if we could get Walmart to do that

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    Perhaps you should try out the Pizza Hut New Zealand or Pizza Hut Australia websites. They are both so atrociously designed and their online ordering systems don't even work.

    And when you contact their webmasters about the issues they don't even care to respond.

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    Australia only supports Netscape and IE.. wow..

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    Pizza Hut in Australia make an awful pizza too, so it's to be expected.
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    Originally posted by akashik
    Pizza Hut in Australia make an awful pizza too, so it's to be expected.
    Pizza Hut makes awful pizz to begin with - I really have no idea how the chain can survive in the NJ/NY area, when we have plenty of "real" pizza places around (NY style as well as some Italian brick oven places). Pizza Hut is notorious for slow service and extra oily pizza around here.

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