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    Pure-FTPd usergroups?

    I'm on a VPS with Pure-FTPd-MySQL, and I'm having a bit of trouble setting it up. In the MySQL user manager, I was told to put "-1" in the UID and GID spots. When I login to the FTP with the user, it's read-only unless I chmod the directory to 777.

    What usergroup should I set the users to, if I want to give them write-access to the directory, while it's chmodded at 755?


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    To make things easy on myself, I've decided to just switch to the normal (non mysql) pure-ftpd, and login as root. This destroys the permission denied errors, but now I can't share the login with any of the administrators at my website, as I don't want to give anyone SSH access.

    Oh well. It works.


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