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  1. #1 FULL SITE

    Some Random Things-

    -3 Months old

    -Great Layout

    -159 Registered Forum Users

    -1 Ad sold for $120 a Month, expiring as we speak. meaning due for renewal, could be your money.

    -Hits were around 400Uniques a day until I took on 2 many projects at once. Down to around 120 a day now, and 3-400 Views.

    -About 250 pages full of content.

    Any other questions just ask. Looking to Sell ASAP, Best offers below or Via PM. Thanks.

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    How much?

    plus is tehre a control panel to edit the news and such?

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    The News is a Rss feed from yahoo. No work involved and very easily changed.

    As for Price, I got an offer for $400 from somebody I'm not sure is a serious bidder. a price around there and I will sell.

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    The person is supposeably buying it for $400 tomorrow afternoon, anybody else have an offer on it before I sell it?

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    I'll give you a hug.

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    Since you have those great long arms...maybe.

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